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Wine Lover? Here Are 7 Must-Try Fall Wine Flavors

Wine Lover? Here Are 7 Must-Try Fall Wine Flavors

Best Fall Wine Flavors

Fall, the season that brings comfort and relaxation. On the late breezy nights of fall, a glass of wine with your loved one is a must thing to have. Whether you are a white or red wine lover: You need to know the best fall wine flavors to try this season. 

Here are the seven best fall wine flavors recommended by wine experts. 


This one is a must-have part of our dining table during the fall season. Barbera is a North Italian wine with rich pigmentation. Barbera offers the taste of berries and cherries with light acidity. The heavy styles of Barbera available embrace a soupçon of spice, vanilla, and chocolate. 


The fall season is incomplete without this fall wine. Why go with the red wine when you can enjoy your fall season with this white wine? Semillon is a golden-skin sweet grape. This wine is frequently used in Australia and France. Talking about the flavor that is apple, lemon, green papaya with a touch of pear. 


Dolcetto is a regular wine with a rich and smooth consistency. The color is rich purple extracted from black Italian grapes. Dolcetto is also a dry wine like Barbera but is less acidic. The aroma of Dolcetto is blackberry with a spice tint.

Roussanne/ Marsanne

This wine pairing will make you go wow with its smooth, addicting, and rich flavor. Marsanne is a white grape merged with Roussanne for heavy consistency and aromatic touch. 


Hey, are you a cranberry lover and looking for affordable wine drinking? After deeming the flavor and rate, Carignan is the perfect match for you. This wine is a well-known baking spice and cured meat flavor. Amazingly, Carignan is the world’s famous wine for Thanksgiving Day.

Cabernet Franc

If you just have shifted your flavor towards the fruity side and are looking to try something new this fall season, then confident to say Cabernet Franc is the best fall wine for you. 

The most dominant flavor of Cabernet Franc is plums and strawberry. On the other hand, in the breezy season, peppercorns, bell pepper, and chili are the leading fall wine flavors. 


Are you one of those who can’t tolerate wines and go dizzy with only one sip? Hang on and try Grenache this time. To note one thing here, the flavor of Grenache differs, depending on the state. 

In the US, Australia, and Spain clove, and raspberry flavors are famous. On the flip side of the coin, in Italy & France herbs, and dried strawberry flavors are in a call. 

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Wrapping Up!

With the fall wine flavors mentioned above, make sure to enjoy the season fullest. Our suggestion for you is Semillon and Carignan. Make sure to share this content with your friends before the fall season.

Happy Fall To You!

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