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Shipping Wine This Holiday Season: How to Protect During Transit

Shipping Wine This Holiday Season: How to Protect During Transit

Wine can be a wonderful gift to share with your friends and family this holiday season. Whether you opt for a special holiday wine, someone’s personal favorite, or decide to share one you’ve discovered, many people may be a bit concerned when it comes to shipping wine. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to keep your wine intact during transit this holiday season. Let’s review some tips on how to protect your wine during shipping.

Use Molded Pulp Packaging

While there are many different ways to add some extra protection to your wine like packing peanuts and corrugated dividers to keep the bottles from clanging together, molded pulp packaging is the best by far. These pulp wine shippers are great because they are carefully crafted to fit wine bottles perfectly, keeping them stable and absorbing the shocks of transit. You can rest assured your wine will arrive safely. 

Add Some Bubble Wrap

For those wanting a little extra protection, a great way to keep your holiday wine safe is to add some bubble wrap around the outside of your pulp wine shipper. This will add even more durability and shock absorption. It is also a very affordable way to help enhance your wine before shipping it as both bubble wrap and molded pulp wine shippers are inexpensive. 

Use the Right Size Box

Now that you have your wine safe and supported, the next step in how to protect the wine during shipping is to make sure you select an exterior box with the right dimensions. You want your box ideally to carefully hug the molded pulp packaging containing the wine. This will prevent jostling during transit as much as possible. Make sure to use a durable box that won’t bend or break. 

Fill Any Space

You may end up with some space left over at the top of your packaging when you ship holiday wine. While not ideal, this is fairly normal as finding a box the exact perfect size is difficult. In this situation, add some filler to the top. Things like packing peanuts, shredded paper, or even more bubble wrap are all good options for this. This provides a bit of further protection in case the box is dropped during transport. 

Final Thoughts

Wine is a gift that can truly show that you care. Whether you want to share your favorite holiday wine or know the perfect vintage that someone will adore, these tips for how to ship wine will ensure that it gets to the recipient without breaking.

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