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Trends in the Wine Industry: 2023 Wine Trends

Trends in the Wine Industry: 2023 Wine Trends

As we are halfway through 2023, it makes sense to stop and take a look at some of the trends we are seeing in the wine industry. As your trusted source for shipping wine, we stay in touch with up-to-date news to help you better understand tips, trends, and information. Here are some of the top 2023 wine trends we are seeing. 

Continued Growth in e-Commerce

The pandemic saw huge growth in e-commerce, particularly in terms of alcohol. While many sellers worried that these trends would revert to the norm after the pandemic, the data is actually quite positive. While e-commerce sales moderated a bit, they have since stabilized and are showing signs of growth. The convenience of shipping wine to your door and accessing products not available in local stores is likely driving the continuation of this trend. 

Sustainability Outside the Vineyard

Sustainability has been important in the wine business for quite some time. However, most of the efforts at promoting sustainability lay in things like farming practices and the actual process of winemaking. However, this is quickly spreading to all aspects of the process of consuming wine, largely driven by Gen Z’s focus on environmental ethics. Things like increasing recyclability and reducing carbon footprints go a long way toward attracting these buyers. This is one of the reasons why shipping your product to pulp wine shippers can make your business stand out. 

Growth in Interest in New Regions 

Wine consumption has typically favored some of the most popular regions. However, there are factors at play that are causing a shift. Areas like Napa Valley and Burgundy experienced fires, drought, and frost last year, leading to high prices and lower supply. Many are shifting interest towards other regions. Beaujolais, Jura, and Savory are increasingly popular alternatives. Others are becoming interested in more affordable Portuguese wines. Meanwhile, those from Greece, Hungary, and Eastern Europe are rising in popularity. This enables wine lovers to broaden their palette and experiences. 

Sparkling Wine Driving Popularity Surge

Sales of sparkling wine have been rising for several years and have continued to strengthen in the first half of 2023. Age-old popular varieties like champagne and prosecco continue to be the favorites. However, options including crémant, Lambrusco, and Franciacorta are also increasing in popularity. In the United States, sparkling wine is quickly approaching beer as the country’s most consumed alcoholic beverage. 

Wine Cocktails Getting More Attention

Perhaps you have noticed that you are shipping wine with other types of alcohol more often. Wine cocktails are becoming increasingly popular as a way to enjoy your favorite vintage. There are a number of things likely driving this. First, wine cocktails enable people to try more flavors and tastes. Secondly, more health-conscious people are looking for lower alcohol alternatives, using different combinations to make mixed drinks a bit healthier. 

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