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Summer Wine List: Expert-Chosen Top Wines for Summer

Summer Wine List: Expert-Chosen Top Wines for Summer

Much like every dog has their day, every wine has its season. For summer, there are many intriguing choices that deserve a spot on your wine list. When thinking about the best wines for summer, here are our personal favorites. 


Moscato is perhaps our favorite wine for the summer. For those that enjoy a sweet wine, this is one of the best options available that works well on even the hottest of summer days. High-quality Moscato has a ripe, juicy sweetness that is well balanced. If you are pairing wines with courses, this tends to serve well with salads and desserts. 


Frappato sits somewhat on the edge of red wine and a rosé. It is made from Sicilian grapes and is a very refreshing choice. The tastes will vary a bit depending on the specific grapes used but you’ll tend to detect notes of cherries, strawberries, and blueberries with this summer wine. It pairs well with seafood, particularly oysters. 


While this may not be as well known to many people, Beaujolais is a very popular summer wine in France. It is known for its juiciness, fruity taste, and ease to drink. In fact, you’ll find that even most of your pickier guests will enjoy this particular wine. Like many summer wines, this pairs well with seafood; however, it is also quite versatile and can pair with nearly any protein from chicken to beef. 


One of the best wines for summer is Riesling. It’s hard to go wrong with a few bottles of this favorite on your wine list. This sweet white wine is made in Europe and the US. It is noted for a crisp bite of acidity paired with a fruity flavor often described as similar to peach, pear, or apricot. Like Beaujolais, this is a wine that can be paired with many types of foods and is one of the few that pairs great with spicy items. 

Pinot Noir

A summer day needs a wonderful summer wine. Pinot noir is one that can fulfill many locations. Grown around the world, pinot noir is known for having complex tastes but a relatively light body, making it a good choice for the summer season. If your guests enjoy red wine but want a lighter option, this will probably be an appealing addition to your wine list. 

Final Thoughts

There are many great wines that will delight guests during the summer. Whether you are shipping them to friends or customers, make sure to use quality wine boxes in order to ensure that your wine arrives safe and secure ready to please your favorite people.
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