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How Much Protection Do Glass Bottles Need During Shipping?

How Much Protection Do Glass Bottles Need During Shipping?

Shipping glass bottles is one of the most nerve-wracking experiences for any individual, company, or enterprise. The last thing you want is for your shipment to arrive at its destination broken, chipped, leaked, or unable to be used. 

That’s why it’s important to utilize reliable and quality glass bottle shipping boxes to reduce the risk of damage during transit. This will ensure a safe arrival no matter how the package is being delivered or how many hands the package touches before being delivered.  

Of course, that raises the simple question, “How much protection do glass bottles and what glass bottle shipping boxes are most effective or efficient?” Don’t worry, there are a variety of options to choose from and they all come with different benefits when shipping glass bottles. 

Different Types of Glass Bottle Shipping Boxes

Before you can start shipping glass bottles -- whether it be across town, to another city, or even another state -- you need to determine which type of glass bottle shipping boxes work best for your company. You’ll generally have three options to choose from: corrugated cardboard, molded pulp, and styrofoam insulated shipping boxes. 


Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of each one individually:

  1. Corrugated Cardboard Shipping Boxes - when utilizing cardboard, it’s best to double it up. Designed to fit wine bottles up to 3 ⅝" x 13 ¼", corrugated cardboard helps distribute the weight and protect against shock during transit. They’re also easy to stack together.
  2. Molded Pulp Shipping Boxes - if you’re looking for an affordable solution to your shipping needs, molded pulp is one of the cheapest. They’re molded to fit the glass bottle and can be transferred into a box for added protection. They’re also environment-friendly. 
  3. Styrofoam Insulated Shipping Boxes - styrofoam is often one of the most effective ways to ship glass bottles. It’s molded to fit the glass bottle, adds extra foam protection around the glass, can be stored in a box for added protection, and can even protect from outdoor temperatures.

In addition to the type of packaging, you can also increase your level of protection with bubble wrap or an inflatable bottle protector kit. These are a simple, affordable, and quick way to add protection to a single glass bottle or an entire shipment. 


How to Find Success When Shipping Glass Bottles

Your shipment arriving at its destination safely is the most important thing when shipping glass bottles anywhere. It contributes to a positive experience for the person receiving the shipment and it limits the amount of money spent on replacements when something breaks. 

To ensure everyone finds success when shipping glass bottles, we’re going to discuss some of our most prominent tips, whether you’re a business or individual. 

  • Always use packing tape on both the top and the bottom of the box. 
  • Always indicate that the box is fragile with glass inside.
  • Always indicate which direction the box should face.
  • Don’t be scared to get creative with air pillows or extra foam to fill in pockets.
  • When doubling up cardboard, make sure there are at least six inches of space between each box.

Of course, the biggest tip is to always ensure you can trust where your shipment materials and wholesale wine shipping boxes are coming from. That’s the key to a successful shipment and something that shouldn’t be ignored by anyone. 


How Can Wine Shipping Boxes Help?

At Wine Shipping Boxes, we take great pride in our ability to ensure your glass bottles and wine bottles arrive at the destination safely. We not only offer corrugated cardboard (both the interior and exterior box), but we also provide molded pulp and styrofoam insulated shipping boxes. 

When you need wholesale wine shipping boxes, you can trust us to make your company look good when shipping glass bottles across town, across the country, or across the world. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can assist you with your shipment material needs, contact Wine Shipping Boxes today. We can’t wait to help you find sustained success with our wholesale wine shipping boxes.

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