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How to Be An Eco-Conscious Wine Maker Through This Boom in Online Wine Ordering 

How to Be An Eco-Conscious Wine Maker Through This Boom in Online Wine Ordering 

The online wine ordering industry is currently experiencing an unprecedented rise. Direct-to-consumer shipping is growing in popularity as consumers remain conscious of COVID-19 precautions and government mandates that restrict travel and limit capacities at a variety of businesses. One major plus is that this gives smaller businesses an advantage in regard to geographical reach, increased connectivity, and visibly leveling the playing field. 


Winemakers who are not used to handling large quantities of direct-to-consumer shipment orders must be conscious of a rising trend among consumers—the demand for sustainable packaging. From pulp wine shipping boxes to traditional corrugated cardboard to insulated shipping boxes, there are many options to consider when it comes to packaging direct-to-consumer orders. The environmental costs of shipping so many individual orders can be staggering if one does not pay close attention. While it might not top your list of packaging concerns, you can be assured that your customers are paying close attention. 

Selecting the Best Packaging

Finding the right glass bottle shipping boxes for your products is paramount to ensure they arrive at your customer's doorstep in excellent condition. Each option offers unique advantages and should be considered carefully to determine what is best for your products. 

Where to Buy Insulated Shipping Boxes Near Me

Wine Shipping Box’s national network of distribution facilities ensures that we are able to offer competitive rates and timely deliveries. Our tracking system makes sure you know exactly when you can expect your delivery. Our upright EPS foam shippers possess a number of benefits. Because they provide full insulation, they are especially advantageous when rough handling is expected. The bottoms are cushioned to provide the highest level of protection and a tightening system keeps items from moving, ensuring your products will be fully secured. Insulated shipping boxes are a necessity when dealing with extreme weather—be it summer heat or winter snow.


We offer gel packs for our six and twelve bottle foam shippers as a further aid against temperature fluctuations. Additionally, our EPS foam shippers are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable, so they are an excellent choice for the environmentally-conscious consumer. There are a variety of sizes from one bottle up to twelve bottles, as well as magnum-sized shippers. Our foam shippers come in a kit with an appropriately sized outer shipping box, so you are guaranteed a perfect fit. 


Advantages of Pulp Wine Shipping Boxes

Our molded pulp wine shipping boxes are best for wines that need to be shipped flat. Molded pulp offers heightened shock absorption, in addition to being lightweight as well as fully recyclable and compostable. Your customers will appreciate the slimmed-down packaging and they can be confident that the molded fiber inserts will breakdown within 120 days, even if they are not discarded at an actual composting site. 


Classic Glass Bottle Shipping Boxes

We also offer Wine Shipping Boxes made with heavy-duty, 100% environmentally conscious, recyclable corrugated cardboard. The exterior/interior carton design distributes weight and protects against shock. These are particularly beneficial when storage is scarce, as they store flat and are easy to assemble. 


Share Your Values

Be sure to effectively communicate your sustainable values with your customers, as eco-consciousness increasingly factors into purchase decisions. This is especially true for consumers who have just heard of you or are considering making their first purchase. Specifics about packaging made from post-consumer recycled materials and your decisions to work with sustainable suppliers will stand out, but your pledge shouldn’t be excessively long or crammed with industry jargon. Simply detailing your values and commitments makes a powerful statement to current and potential customers. is proud to produce a range of environmentally friendly packaging solutions. We have distribution and sales offices across continental North America and are always ready to serve you. Contact our team to further discuss which of our options is best for your products, or with any questions.

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