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Holiday Wine List – 7 Best Holiday Wines According to Experts

Holiday Wine List – 7 Best Holiday Wines According to Experts

This holiday season, many people want to ship wine to their friends and family. In anticipation of your gift-giving, we wanted to provide a holiday wine list featuring the best winter wines available. 


Perhaps the top choice of all wines on our holiday wine list is chardonnay. This is an excellent selection due to its complexity and fruity notes. It works well with many hearty dishes that are popular during the holiday season including creamy kinds of pasta and chowders. 


Lovers of red wines will rejoice while sharing a delightful Malbec with their loved ones. This wine is noted for its very intense fruit flavors as well as a slight hint of chocolate. People will be thrilled to unpack this item from the wine shipping box and sip it along with a meal of steak and vegetables. 


If you want a nice wine with a wide variety of options, you can’t go wrong with Riesling. This option can range from sweet to quite dry, meaning you’ll be able to find a bottle to pair with virtually anything. If your holiday celebration involves sausage or potatoes, be sure to add this to your holiday wine list. 


Another popular addition to any holiday wine list is zinfandel. Loved for its cinnamon-fruited notes, this may be one you’ll be tempted to save for yourself, so maybe buy a couple of bottles to ensure you actually ship a few out in the wine shipping boxes. This is wonderful when paired with ham or brothy soups. 

Cabernet Sauvignon

The holidays are typically a time when you’ll see a lot of red. This is true for wines as well. Cabernet sauvignon makes a bold addition to our holiday wine list for its delicious tannins and fullness. Consider pairing this with vegetarian dishes heavy with mushrooms or lentils. 


When many people think of celebrating the holidays, they envision champagne. While champagne is lovely, you can save some money by adding prosecco to your holiday wine list. This winter wine is a sparkling white that feels much sweeter than it actually is. You’ll love the hints of melon and pear. 


One final winter wine to consider for your wine shipping boxes this holiday season is Beaujolais. This is a light-bodied wine that will be loved by fans of high acidity content. You’ll notice some smoky notes and tastes reminiscent of red berries. This pairs quite well with appetizers like charcuterie. 

Share Your Holiday Wine List with Friends

The best way to conveniently and safely ship winter wines to your friends is with a quality wine shipping box. These boxes are carefully designed to minimize the risk of damage and protect your wine in transit.
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