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Magnum Wine Shipper Kit - 2 pulp shipping trays & 1 outer shipping box


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Most wine shippers today are custom-made to fit a 750mL bottle of wine, but what happens when you need to ship a magnum-size wine bottle to your customers? At Wine Shipping Boxes, we offer magnum wine shipping boxes designed exclusively for magnum-size wine bottles.

Our magnum wine shipping boxes are equipped with two molded pulp shipping trays to ensure your wine bottle stays in-place throughout the duration of its trip. They also come equipped with a corrugated cardboard shipping box to ensure maximum protection every single time.

The molded pulp insert is designed for magnum wine bottle dimensions that measure 16” x 6.08” x 3.02” -- which is big enough to fit all your 1.5L bottles of wine. They’re lightweight, durable, sturdy, cost-effective, eco-friendly, and extremely protective of your wine.

  • Strong 18" x 8" x 8" Corrugated boxes made of multiple layers of kraft for extra protection
  • Wine shippers with first-rate cushioning to avoid damage to your bottles during shipping
  • Molded pulp trays are made using 100% recycled newspaper and recycled corrugated materials
  • Pulp inserts made to accommodate a great range of 1.5 L bottle shapes
  • Courier-certified pulp shippers used to ship hundreds of bottles at a low-cost by wine clubs, gifting programs and breweries
  • Wine kits that can be stored away with ease as they are nestable in storage and shipments