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2 inch Blue Tape Gun

Item# tape-gun-2-blue

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Of all the wine bottle packaging supplies your company needs, there’s nothing more essential and convenient than a heavy-duty 2-inch tape gun. It makes everyone’s life easier and allows for a quicker wine bottle packaging process, no matter how large or stocky the packaging is.

At Wine Shipping Boxes, we’re dedicated to offering the highest-quality wine bottle packaging supplies. Our 2-inch tape gun is made of metal to ensure it’s durable enough to withstand heavy, daily use. It comfortably holds a roll of 2-inch tape and has an easy-to-hold handle.

The blue design gives it an attractive look and we even offer special discounts for those interested in buying multiple -- so don’t hesitate to stock up on this extremely handy device today! You won’t regret adding this to your collection of wine bottle packaging supplies!