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Four (4) Bottle Wine Shipping Boxes - Kit - 4 inner corrugated wraps & 1 outer shipping box

Item# WSB9004KIT

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Our 4-bottle wine shipping boxes are easily the best way to ship wine to your customers or retail locations without the constant worry of damage. The four-bottle kit equips you with four inner corrugated boxes for each individual bottle and one outer shipping box for extra protection.

Each inner wine bottle shipping box can comfortably fit a wine bottle up to 3 ⅝” wide and 12 ½” tall. They each fit snug into the outer wine bottle shipping box to reduce the amount of impact experienced in transit -- whether you’re shipping cross-town or cross-country.

In addition to providing the ultimate protection for your wine, our 4-bottle wine shipping boxes are eco-friendly and extremely cost-effective. We offer special discounts for bulk orders, making our four-bottle kit the best way to ship wine no matter the size of your company. Our wine shipping boxes are made from strong 44ECT corrugated cardboard.