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Three (3) Bottle Magnum Shipper (Foam Only)

Item# FWSMAG312

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You might be asking yourself, “How big is a magnum of wine?” and “Will my wine shipping box safely fit a magnum of wine?” Don’t worry, this is a common question asked when shipping a magnum wine bottle and we’re here to help with our magnum wine shippers.

Shipping any bottle of wine is a difficult task, but those stakes are raised when trying to ship a magnum wine bottle. Luckily, our magnum wine shippers are designed to fit a bottle up to 4 7/16” wide and 16 1/4” high -- which is big enough for more 1.5L bottles of wine.

Surrounded by Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), your magnum wine bottle is 100% protected from shock, vibration, and impact. Our three-bottle magnum wine shippers are durable, cost-effective, and lightweight for a versatile shipping experience.

You receive one 3 bottle Magnum foam shipper.

Foam breaks into a one bottle or two bottle shipper as well.