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What to Look for While Choosing Individual Wine Shipping Boxes

What to Look for While Choosing Individual Wine Shipping Boxes

Relocating your wine or liquor stash is a job best done by professional movers. Still, if you love a challenge, it's a great idea to ensure your individual wine shipping boxes are neatly packed. Glass can break easily. When bottles shatter, you not only get a huge mess to clean afterward but most importantly, you lose your treasured libation. Shipping wine bottles requires personal care right off the bat since even the shortest moves can spell the greatest damage.

Double-Check Your Inventory

Create a catalogue of all wine brands you possess before packing them into a wine bottle shipping box. Moving wine bottles is laborious and time-consuming, and if you're charged per pound, you should assess what is worth moving and what isn't. And if you have a larger collection than you can pay for to be moved, why not gift friends and family some vintage bottles?


Use the Right Packing Supplies

The best way to move wine bottles (as well as liquor bottles) is by using sturdy wine shipping boxes. Get in touch with us to have them shipped to you, or pick them up at a convenient location if you cannot purchase them online.

There's a variety of wine moving boxes available, including the popular 2-bottle wine shipping box, apart from other boxes that haul one, six, or twelve bottles. Each of them has dividers that ensure a glove fit of the bottles so that they don't bump into each other. While shipping boxes can come at a hefty price tag, they are the recommended way to ship your wine and liquor bottles. Moreover, you can store boxes for later use; on trips or use that single wine shipping box for picnics or wine shopping.

Besides the individual wine shipping boxes, you will also need packing paper (if you're not using a wine shipping box), packing tape, and a marker for labeling.


Try Out Sturdy Packaging

To get the most with the least of fuss, you could get packaging that requires little or no assembly and lookout for wholesale individual wine shipping boxes, or purchase supplies from retailers that offer discounts for large volume orders. There's a myriad of options to meet your demands. Wine shipping boxes should come with corrugated bottle wraps for the added protection because you can't be too careful – ultimately, you want your wine bottles to reach their destination unscathed.

The best wine shipping boxes have enough structural support and offer top-notch protection. If shipping wine upright, use individual wine shipping boxes with dividers to separately create cells to house bottles. Also, only use wine shipping boxes for moving wine bottles, keeping at the top of your head that other boxes can be subpar and crumble under the load's weight. Many things can go wrong if you have a huge shipment; thus, you need all the support you can have to safeguard fragile bottles. For added protection, seal the bottom of the box with water-activated tape, which is reinforced with fiberglass fibers and tightly seal the box until you open it.


Think Inside The Box

While you will put all your effort into the shipping box, don't forget about the wine bottles. Check that the cork is tightly sealed to ward off leaks, or secure it with wire cork cages, especially if relocating sparkling wine.

Use two or three wraps of packaging paper per bottle. Roll the bottle flush inside it while molding the top part of the bottleneck to ensure adequate protection. Then, finish off with tape.

Some shipping boxes require dividers to create cells for each bottle inside them. This also eliminates the risk of bottles banging against each other on a bumpy road due to vibrations.

It would also be best if you padded the cells with air pillows to dampen vibrations and prevent bottles from bobbing around. Before you seal the box ready for shipping, give it a gentle shake and listen for clanks. If present, add a few air pillows to fill the gaps.

After you are sure that all bottles are snug and secure, seal the box with water-activated tape. Don't forget to label "fragile" next to the address label.

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