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How to Ship Your Favorite Wine as a Gift This Holiday

How to Ship Your Favorite Wine as a Gift This Holiday

The holidays are upon us, and it is time for people to begin shipping presents to make sure they get to that important person in your life in time. If you are a particularly creative person, you likely have put forth extra effort to find the best gift option for each person on your list. An increasingly popular personal gift is to share your favorite holiday wine with others this season. Let’s take a look at how to ship wine safely. 

What Wine Should you Gift? 

The holidays are a time where people share their gratitude with others. As such, the best wine to gift for many people is a personal favorite that you think someone in your life will love. Sharing your passions is a great way to help other wine lovers find something they will enjoy as well. 

When deciding the best wine to gift, you will also want to take some time to consider if the recipient has any specifics they like or dislike. If red wines give them headaches, you may want to gift your favorite Pinot Grigio or Riesling. If they love reds, a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon you love may hit the mark. 

How to Ship Wine

Many people may love the idea of gifting wine as a holiday gift but worry about it arriving there safely. Fortunately, there are easy and convenient ways for shipping wine as gifts this holiday season. 

Wine shipping boxes are a great way of shipping your favorite bottles of wine. These are made out of corrugated cardboard, meaning they are incredibly sturdy. Additionally, the inserts help ensure that wine bottles won’t clank together, further preventing the opportunity for damage. An added benefit is that these boxes are made from material that is easy to recycle, making them very environmentally friendly. 

Don’t Forget Your BIG glasses!

Wine best drank out of big glasses. The flavor, the experience, the aroma, it’s all better in a big glass. Trust the experts on this one! Shop Big Wine Glasses here.

Final Thoughts

If you decide that holiday wine is the ideal gift to send someone on your list this holiday season, you’ll find that shipping wine is much easier now than in the past with wine shipping boxes that allow you to ship one, six, or twelve bottles without the worry that they will be damaged. These are great ways to share your favorites with the wine lovers on your list. 

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