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How to Sell: 7 Best Ways to Sell Wine

How to Sell: 7 Best Ways to Sell Wine

So you opened a winery and began bottling your perfectly-crafted wine. Now you’re wanting to increase your sales. Where should you even start? Finding the best ways to sell wine is an important endeavor for wineries everywhere. Fortunately, finding innovative ways to sell wine is not that difficult. Here are seven of the best ways for you to increase your wine sales. 

Offer Shipping to Visitors

Chances are that a lot of visitors to your winery purchase a bottle or two to take with them. However, you can increase these sales by offering easy shipping nationwide. Many people may not have the space to take much wine with them, particularly if they are flying home. By shipping wine with convenient and durable pulp wine shippers, you can enable them to send bottles back home. 

Provide Tastings

For many customers, learning about wine involves exploration. You often find new styles or flavors that you didn’t realize you liked. Offering tastings is a great way to help customers discover new flavors that they enjoy. This is another strong strategy for increasing sales. In general, helping customers learn about wine is a strategy worth investing in. 

Produce Content

Whether you operate a website or social media channels, giving your visitors quality, informative content is a great way to increase sales. Customers are drawn to content that is informative and not too sales-like in nature. Up your marketing game! There is no harm in including a call to action and link to purchase but focus on answering questions visitors will have. 

Make Shipping Flexible

While many customers may order one or two total bottles, having flexible shipping options ensures you can appeal to every customer whether they want to buy one bottle or a dozen. There are a wide variety of wine shipping boxes that are able to handle various numbers of bottles. This packaging is carefully molded to shape, ensuring bottles get there safe and sound. 

Tell Your Story

Customers increasingly want relationships with the brands that they frequent. Thus, investing in telling your story and building your brand is an excellent way to connect with customers. Video marketing is an effective way to do this and can help make wineries seem much more personable to customers. 

Paid Social Media

If you don’t currently advertise on social media, you may be missing a way to build new customers. Social media advertising is an inexpensive way to get your brand and wines in front of a carefully-tailored audience as social media ads can be micro-targeted to customers with very specific traits and needs. 

Promotions for Prior Customers

Paying attention to the habits of prior customers can pay off. Do you have customers that have not ordered in a while? Send them e-mail marketing with a sale offer. This helps you target specific segments of your customers with things more likely to make them make a purchase. A successful promotional strategy will see you shipping wine to people who are not regular customers. 

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