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How to Keep My Wine from Breaking In-Transit

How to Keep My Wine from Breaking In-Transit

Whether you are looking to ship your favorite bottle of wine to a friend as a gift or you are shipping wine for your business, you likely want to ensure that you are able to optimally protect wine in transit. The fragile nature of wine means you need to keep some considerations in mind when shipping it. Here are some tips to protect wine while it’s in transit. 

Use Specialized Storage Boxes

The easiest way to have optimal wine bottle protection is to utilize specially designed storage boxes for the shipment of wine. These boxes are easy to obtain and quite affordable in cost. As specially designed boxes, they will provide additional support for your wine bottles and ensure that they don’t shift in transit, which often leads to breakage. Boxes such as these are perfect for mailing multiple bottles with inserts that help prevent damage during transit. 

Utilize Padding 

Another great strategy for wine bottle protection during shipping is to use padded wrapping. This will help ensure that the wine bottles survive any impacts that occur. Utilizing things such as bubble wrap can be an important way to provide additional security. This will help absorb any impacts experienced by the box while preventing wine bottles from breaking through contact with one another. If you are not going to use a specially designed wine box, this is the next best option. 

Fill the Void

If are shipping wine and packing it yourself, one of the most important things you can do is fill the voids in whatever packaging you use. This is important because voids lead to breaking as it provides the ability for the bottles to crash into one another as packages get jostled in shipment. Fortunately, there are many materials such as packing peanuts and air-filled plastic that can serve this purpose. While it isn’t a guarantee that your bottles will arrive unbroken, it definitely reduces the risk. 

Label the Exterior

An important thing to consider is labeling for packaging carriers. Labeling “fragile contents” is important for helping those handling the package treat it with a bit more care. While this certainly does not guarantee that people will take notice, it is an important step as many conscientious mail carriers will strive to prevent your wine from being handled roughly. 

Protecting Wine During Shipping is Possible! 

Ultimately, the best solution for protection when shipping wine is to utilize specially designed packaging for transporting wine bottles. This provides the best way to protect wine when in transit. Additionally, wrapping the wine, filling the void, and ensuring that boxes are marked as fragile are important ways to help increase your wine bottle protection. 


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