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How Can Wineries Safely Ship Wine?

How Can Wineries Safely Ship Wine?

Wine is appreciated by many people all over the world, which means wine bottles are being shipped locally and internationally every single day. Considering the journey many wine bottles have to make, it's imperative that they're properly stored and protected throughout the entire transit. 

From another perspective, wine can be pretty expensive, another reason it should be packed the right way to ensure it'll reach its destination unharmed. Sure, they might be stationary for a good portion of the trip, but you can't rely on shipping companies to keep your package safe from harm. Keep reading through this article to learn how to ship wine safely and efficiently.

What’s the Proper Way to Ship Wine?

There are quite a few caveats that can affect the quality of wine during transit. If you want it to uphold the integrity of the ingredients, you can't have them sitting out in the open, exposed to direct sunlight or other temperature extremes. Shipping wine comes with a few requirements regarding how well they're protected from temperature and physical damage. That isn't to say there's only one correct way to ship wine, but there are some industry standards to go by.

Sure, you could use a cooler that's insulated, which helps keep their temperature uniform, as long as you keep the cooler away from extreme temperatures as well. With years of experience working within the wine industry, we have first-hand experience in shipping wine with its delicate nature in mind. A winery shipping wine has multiple factors to consider, such as cost, packaging options, legal requirements, and more, but none of those matter more than keeping the bottles safe in transit. Overall, the best way to ship wine bottles is with corrugated cardboard boxes that are designed for a snug fit around the bottles.

How We’re Able to Help Safely Ship Wine

Although there are varying solutions to shipping wine, you want to work with a packaging company that you can trust and understands the industry's shipping needs as a whole. Whether you're new to the industry or have decades of experience, we're more than equipped to handle all of your wine shipping needs. A great starting point would be to look into our insulated wine shipping kit, which will ensure your wine bottles are protected from temperature and physical damage.

Your wine bottles will have limited mobility in this packaging, preventing them from knocking or sliding into each other during transit. Our wine shipping kit is the universal approach to shipping wine bottles securely, offering you peace of mind from point A to B. Our boxes are made to hold 12 wine bottles at a time, and we also include the sturdy outer shipping box to keep each individual bottle securely in place. Regardless of your shipping volume, our wine shipping kit will be able to support your operation with the utmost security.

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