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Five Budget Friendly Ways to Ship Wine

Five Budget Friendly Ways to Ship Wine

A great share of customers are ordering their wine online. In fact, winery revenue jumped from 8.6% in online sales in 2018 to 16.2% in online sales in 2020. For anyone shipping wine, there are a number of important considerations. These include how to safely package wine so it will arrive at its final location undamaged and how to do so in a cost-effective way. With that in mind, here are five budget friendly ways to ship wine. 

Pulp Wine Shippers

This is by far the best combination of stability and cost. Pulp is relatively cheap meaning it won’t add a significant amount to your overhead cost. Additionally, molded paper pulp packaging is specially designed to be form fitting for bottles, allowing you to ship wine in a sturdy, largely immovable container. For example, these containers allow you to efficiently ship three bottles. Pairing them with the right sized box will enable you to rest assured that your customer will receive wine in perfect condition. 

Cardboard Shipping Kits

This is another excellent, cost-effective method. In fact, most producers ship wine using this manner. These dividers serve to keep the bottles from touching and also provide structural support to reduce impact. If you are shipping a large quantity of wine, corrugated cardboard dividers should work great and be relatively inexpensive. However, for only a few bottles, this is likely not the most effective method. 

Bubble Wine Skin

Bubble wrap is perhaps the go to for many people when they ship delicate items. For wine shipping, wrapping bottles in bubble wrap can be a great way of providing additional protection against bumps and impacts. It is also very budget friendly. However, bubble wrap alone will not be an ideal solution as you will also want some method of providing greater structural support within a package. Check out this bubble wine skin we offer that adds an extra layer of protection for your bottles. 

Foam Peanuts

Like bubble wrap, foam peanuts are not a complete solution for wine shipping, but they are a budget friendly way to add void fill. This helps reduce the impact of movement on bottles by absorbing some of the force and further provides protection. Adding these on top of bottles in cardboard dividers can be effective if you opt not to go with form-fitting packaging. A more environmentally friendly method involves shredded paper. 

Air Packaging

If you’ve received small items in larger boxes from major retailers, you’ve likely encountered the inflated air sacks that are used to provide stability within the package. These can be used with wine as well. They do not fully protect bottles from breaking, but if used correctly, can provide good protection and help with void fill. Wine Shipping Boxes offers a step above Air Sacks. Check out our Inflatable Wine Bottle Protectors. 

Final Thoughts

There are many budget friendly options for wine shipping. Molded pulp packaging provides a complete solution due to its form-fitting nature; however, other methods can also be combined to safely ship wine. 

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