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Best Wine Subscription Services

Best Wine Subscription Services

Sharing wine with your family and friends doesn’t have to stop even though winery events, breweries, and wine tastings may be taking a pause for COVID. You don’t have to miss out on the fun of sharing wonderful wine with your loved ones. Let’s review the best wine subscription services you can share with your friends. Some are wine subscriptions, some are one time deliveries, or better yet, ship your favorite bottle you want to share in our pulp wine shippers to keep your bottles safe during transit here. Let's get started!

Best for Wine Newbies: Winc 

Coming in at just under $40, Winc delivers three bottles monthly to your doorstep. Winc’s claim to fame is their user-friendly experience. When signing up, Winc asks you a series of questions to gauge your style! Given that information, Winc sends you a custom box of wine. 

Perfect for Experienced Wine Buffs: Wine of the Month Club

Similar to Winc, Wine of the Month Club wine subscription starts at $39 for 2 bottles. Each month, WOTMC sends your bottles along with information about each bottle. Choose between two, six, or 12 bottle formats, including hand-picked wine boxes highlighting particular vintners or grape varietals.

For the Budget-Conscience Wine Lover: Cellars Wine Club

Cellars Wine Club starts at just $29 per month for a single bottle. Cellars Wine Club is extremely customizable and offers the option to choose your frequency of shipments. Cellars Wine Club offers their “No Bad Bottle” guarantee! Check them out.

Your Own Basement with Wine Shipping Boxes

Share your favorite bottles with your loved ones! Protect your wine with pulp wine shippers. When normalcy resumes, you can head out to wine tasting events, but for now, try out one of these wine subscription services! 

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