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10 Benefits of Eco-Friendly Beer Shipping Trays

10 Benefits of Eco-Friendly Beer Shipping Trays

You have to admit, many people relish the idea of chilled beer on a hot Sunday evening, and we must say you should try out molded pulp beer shipping trays that protect all kinds of beer.

Many ventures are nowadays transitioning to eco-friendly packaging from non-biodegradable ones. Green packaging right from the gate goes a long way in reducing your carbon footprint, and it also requires fewer materials to manufacture. It’s the future, and the results speak for themselves.

How Can Beer Shipping Trays Benefit the Environment and Economy?

Environment-friendly pulp packaging is a new trend that is picking steam. Utilizing sustainable raw materials offers a feasible solution for the increasing customer’s need for eco-friendly supplies. According to a recent study, 73% of people felt that their company had integrated green packaging across their production and manufacturing cycle, which reduced shipping, storage, and packaging expenditure.


Here are the 10 Benefits of Eco-Friendly Beer Shipping Trays

More Storage Means More Shelf Space

The leading reason why most choose to shift to sustainable packaging is to optimize their storage space or transport more products in one truckload. Using biodegradable pulp bottle shippers increases efficiency. As the shipping tray is lightweight and the footprint considerably slimmer, it saves more space allowing you to ferry more than you could, which also cuts down your freight costs. This also means you will make fewer beer shipping trips increasing your profit in the long run.

A slimmer, lighter molded packaging tray means more shelf space. This gives you more room to try out different unique display arrangements, makes more beer available for sale, and increases flexibility in where your product is stationed in your storage space.


Recyclable, Reusable

There are countless ways of shipping beer, but they should at the very least be recyclable or degradable. The advantage of biodegradable packaging is that it can be turned to compost in its end-of-life stage. The packaging clearly marked for recycling can be dumped in the recycling bin to be reused in the manufacturing cycle.



Molded fiber packaging trays are not only impactful when it comes to environmental protection and reduction of carbon emissions but are also useful for making compost when they cannot be further reused.


Multipurpose and Flexible

A molded pulp beer shipper tray is easy to work with and can be designed in more than one way with millimeter-accuracy, and be recycled and reused in many packaging industries. Everything you are looking to package, including beer, has a cost-saving and environmentally friendly packaging alternative.


Improves Your Brand Image

Eco-friendly packaging goes a long way than just PR as it shows your company cares about environmental protection. A recent study revealed that 78% of customers between 18-72 were inclined to deal with a company that uses eco-friendly packaging.


Free of Allergens and Health Hazards

Many biodegradable packaging options are allergen and toxin-free. Although, as of now, you still are limited to a somewhat slim variety of packing options, the available packaging options are seeping into many industries as well. The transition to biodegradable packaging is made easier as most machinery used in manufacturing bioplastics can efficiently produce molded packaging.

Consumers are now conscious of materials used to package their products and whether they, in turn, will be detrimental to the environment and their well-being. Biodegradable beer shipping trays go a long way in environmental protection efforts and give consumers compelling reasons to buy your beer. Many consumers have some considerations at the back of their minds before they decide to purchase their favorite beer.


Reducing Shipping Costs and Save More Revenue

Pulp beer shipper trays are straightforward to deal with – raw material is plentiful. It can be recycled from what is already available, making it a cheaper option than conventional packing methods.

Waste packaging can be taken to composting facilities to turn them into compost. Taken further, the rate of biodegradation can be increased by using paper shredders, and industrial shredders before these semi-processed materials are absorbed by composting facilities, either private or commercial centers, where the product is broken down into simpler forms.


Reduce your Carbon Footprint

This is probably the main reason why you want to incorporate green packaging into your company’s manufacturing and shipping cycle to reduce the negative impact you previously had on the environment. And to also minimize your carbon footprint.

Carbon footprint is the total volume of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds released into the ecosystem due to the utilization of fossil fuels. Your belief in global warming, or disbelief, is not a cure for the current environmental crisis but taking action against it. By minimizing the consumption of plastic and its products, you will reduce your CO2 emissions, which is what we must aim for – eco-conservation and sustainability.


Grows Your Customer Base

According to countless international studies, the demand for sustainable products is on the rise. Eco-friendly commerce, therefore, attracts more customers because customers prefer brands that care about the environment.


Can Be Reduced, Reused, and Recycled Sustainably

The categories of eco-friendly beer shipping trays materials can be summed in 3 basic R’s of sustainability:

  • Reduce: This implies using thinner and robust materials that accomplish the same results with fewer materials.
  • Reuse: Most brands encourage reuse of their products, for example, coating boxes with resistant materials to boost durability. You can take advantage of this and maximize your profit.
  • Recycle: The demand for eco-friendly beer shipping trays is on the rise, with a huge chunk of these being manufactured from sustainable green resources that can be recycled easily, and most are labeled ‘recycle.’ Most manufacturers have headed this direction in order to reduce the impact they have on the environment.

Local and international efforts towards eco-conservation have led to never-before witnessed alternatives to packaging. From recyclable bioplastic to degradable containers, the possibility for the future is boundless for eco-conscious businesses.

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